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I've known about DeviantArt for eight years, wanted to be a Deviant for five years and have been able to be one for three years. But it's only been until recently that I've decided that my art was finally good enough (meaning not as bad as it used to be) for me to dive in and take a swin in the shark tank that is DeviantArt. Lately I have had the deep, burning urge to be a better artist and I thought what a better way to be a better artist than by getting some feedback and advice from my fellow art peers? I crave your brutal constuctive criticism, so lay it on nice and thick (but not to thick since I am still trying to get the hang of some things).

Let's see... well, I had decided that I wanted to be a real, true, for goodness artist around the age of seven when I wanted to draw American cartoons, but that all changed when I ended up getting OBSESSED with a little show ( I'm sure you've never  heard of it) called Sailor Moon. The colors, the big eyes, how real everything looked at times, it was all just so different from the American cartoons I was used to and that's what made it cool. I feel in crazy, obsessive love with Sailor Moon; I rented all the DVDs and VHSs (back when they had those) I could when we went to Blockbuster ( back when they were still alive ) and would watch them over and over again all night, school night or not. I loved Sailor Moon so much I made everyone in my house hate her, and that my friends is an accomplishment! Me loving Sailor Moon the way I did, meant I wanted to what anything that looked remotely like it, meaning anything that was an anime, or as I called them at the time "the big eye character cartoons". Sometime after Naruto came out I found out that the shows were called "anime" and that they all had their own comic books called "manga". I started reading them, and became really impressed by the art work, and soon it got me to thinking " Hey, I wonder if I could do that?" And that was that; I was off to the libary to scoop up every How to Draw Manga Book I could get my hands on,learning everything I could, keeping the books out and renewing them for months.

I've been drawing manga for about eight years, but lately I've been trying to learn some more realistic drawing techiques so I can have a little something extra to add to my art. Like I said, I'm still learning, so there's alot of stuff I still have trouble drawing (hands, perspective, foreshortening, men, buildings, etc.) but I'm getting better everyday, so if you promise to stay with me I promise not to send you to many boxes of infinite fail. Thank you, and good buy!


Samone C.R.
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am a self proclaimed art nerd, a self proclaimed anime nerd and a self proclaimed weirdo(I have many titles). I've been drawing manga inspired art for about seven years but lately I've been slowly trying to learn some more realistic drawing techniques so I can add something more to my art. So wish me luck!


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